The Kalama Fair Needs You!

Kalama Fair Volunteers Needed

Our Fair Board consists of roughly 6-8 members. We then have a few others who volunteer to help where they can. Recently, one of our board members has stepped down due to other life obligations and another, sadly, passed away.

Putting on an event like the Kalama Community Fair is no simple task. It takes year round planning and scheduling… and then many helping hands when it’s time for the actual fair.

We have reached a point to where the few of us who are committed to the fair can no longer put this event on by ourselves. We desperately need more help! We understand that not everyone can commit to monthly, sometimes weekly meetings. What we are looking for are people who are willing to take on small parts of the fair while it’s happening in July.

People who can help set-up and clean-up. People who can help direct parking… or can help run a shuttle from the vendor parking to the fair. People who want to just be available to run errands and be where needed, when needed. People who want to help with vendors or to help get the beer garden set-up. People who can help drive the free kid’s train or help run the Krisco Klassic… or the Hot Dog Eating Contest… or Kids Day games. There are lots of little and BIG ways you can help, depending on the time you have to volunteer.

Sadly, if we can’t get more help with the fair, we will have to cut back with what we can offer and bring to the community. We’ve worked hard the last few years to grow the fair, we’d hate to lose that. Several of our current board members are older and have trouble getting around, so they can’t help us by being feet on the ground during fair days. We hate the thought of cutting back, but our President and Vice President can’t continue to be in 12 places at once.

Please consider attending one of our upcoming meetings and chatting with us about what you might be able to help with. The Kalama Fair is a cherished event within the community and we, as a board, hope to continue to help it grow and become better and better each year. Below, you will find a list of some of our upcoming meetings. We hope to see you there!

April 9th @ 5:30pm – Haydu Expo Building

April 25th @ 5:30pm – Kalama Baptist Church

May 2nd @ 5:30pm – Location TBD

May 9th @ 5:30pm – Location TBD

May 23rd @ 5:30pm – Location TBD

May 30th @ 5:30pm – Location TBD

Check our Facebook page and it’s events section for information on meetings dates/times/locations.